Your First Trip to Europe

Your First Trip to Europe

Excited about your first trip to Europe? Well, you have all the reasons to be. While planning you always want to include all destinations and every highlight in your tour to this diverse continent. While one side you wish to enjoy the pasta in Rome, on the other side you wish to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

But you can’t do it all. Your plan would definitely require some culling unless you have many years up your sleeve. That’s one of the keys to enjoying your first trip to this marvellous destination – Europe!

So here we go….

First, the culling. Europe is an amazingly vast destination with a to do bucket-list, postcard locations to explore, but unfortunately one can’t do it all in one trip. Even if you plan something on similar lines, you would land up spending most of your time travelling.

So here’s a tip: choose a top five, your must-dos for your first adventure. One can’t miss including drinking in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. Another must go location is Barcelona for its tapas. If you ask me, I would surely add the Tate Modern in London. Select these as per choice and plan your trip around the same. The fillers will be added automatically.

Second, you have to decide on your commute. You could skip the tours and travel independent but trust me those travelling with a set tour especially the one created by Being Tourism are having a ball.

If it’s your first trip, plan a 10 day tour to explore Europe and meet some people. You could try some travel agencies for their expertise in customizing such trips like a Being Tourism or a Ruby Tours. Try to get to at least one of Budapest, Krakow or Lisbon, as all are great places and underrated.

Don’t shun the clichés. The Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower and Charles Bridge are all well accepted with tourists for a reason: they’re miraculous. The ticket charges could be heavy on the pocket but in case you can accommodate the same in your budget, it’s worth the money.

If you wish to meet and share your experience with a lot of friends then July, August, September are ideal for your travel. You would also experience booked out accommodations, fuller trains and an expensive overall experience. Travelling in the shoulder season is thus recommended.

Another important thing to consider while travelling your Europe trip is festivals. From Oktoberfest to SanFermin to LaTomatina to Biennale to Glastonbury to Exit to Tomorrowland, experiencing any or all of these would surely leave special memories to your trip.

Knowledge on a little of the local language could you take you a long way, even if it’s just asking, “Do you know English?” .

Keeping budgets low is important and a budget travel will make your trip last longer but one expensive experience will be cherished through your life and that could include an expensive dinner or a high tea in London or maybe a gondola ride in Venice or maybe something similar.

The last tip but definitely the most important one. Carry a lot of money along. Start saving money from a few months before your travel. You can be stingy at home for that one time experience in Europe.

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