Why You Need to Go to Fiji

Why you need to go Fiji

When I say a trip to Fiji, all that one can visualize is sipping a coconut on the sand in the sun. It sure seems a glorious cliché but theres lots more to this tropical oasis that is situated in the Pacific Ocean. It is close to New Zealand and Australia and one must visit this place atleast once to encounter the most humble and happiest people.

Let’s look at some reasons to get yourself to Fiji, pronto.

1) With 330 islands, Fiji is home to a lot of snorkel opportunities within crystal clear turquoise waters and view the colourful reef marine life. Diving ofcourse is another option if that is in your to do list.

2) Ever imagined hanging upside down while gliding through lush green forests? Well needless to mention where this experience could come true.

3) For those who feel the adventure ends here, include activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, zip-lining, and much more. From water sports to on-shore excursions, there’s so much to do while you are in Fiji. This so called Fiji time by the Fijian people allow you to enjoy yourself even in the hot sunny days.

4) This could call for a smile for a few while a frown for the rest. While in Fiji, it’s all about coconuts. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, its coconuts always.

5) Fiji is home to the most humble and happiest people and the phrase “BULA” is how they greet and welcome people to their home and that too with a smile. Once here, this phrase will be so commonly heard that you can’t resist using the same once you get back. A trip to Fiji would require you to cut away from reality and enjoy the peaceful island life with these humble people.

6) Fiji now has been recognised as a paradise but for many years this remained a hidden treasure. You will certainly get to appreciate nature in its purest form here with over 330 islands. One can experience swimming with the marine wildlife, removing shells through the sand on empty beaches and making coconut cream with the locals.

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