Travelling to Africa

Adventure Africa

Whilst travelling to Africa may sound frightening and inexplicable but the fact is it has become easier to explore this place than it used to be.

The tough part could be deciding what countries you want to visit based on the type of experience you are looking for. A remote safari camp or the beach accommodation, choice will be subject to the experience factor.

Being Tourism works closely with the traveller, to customize their ideal experience. You would be surprised to see the endless opportunities and the beauty Africa offers.
So, where and how do you begin?

1. Tag along with an African friend on his or her next trip.

One can combine tourist outings with famous restaurants that a local would recommend. This could enhance the travel experience. This is also a good way to get intimate information of the country’s culture.

2. Plan at least two weeks to travel around.

Planning to include too many African countries can be a long journey depending on your current place of travel. Allow yourself the comfort to settle down and experience the place rather than rushing around. Long road trips outside the country could leave you exhausted leaving no room for enjoyment.

3. Self care

Some countries demand certain precautions to be taken prior to visiting the place. Don’t let these hurdles put you off. Take expert advice in case of any doubts for some countries.

4. Sacrifice comfort for the experience.

You can travel to many African countries and have a niche and hygienic five star experience. Try getting out of your comfort zone at times. Be at ease in case you have to eat with your hands or if you have to eat foods that you do not recognize. A new experience could be the best experience. Many restaurants also offer homemade style food, something that you can relish.

5. Be respectful.

Most of the women and maybe men too dress conservatively in African countries. Women travellers thus must make sure they respect the same and do not draw negative attention with exposing clothes and strappy dresses unless ofcourse within their hotel property.

6. Get clothes made, and buy jewellery.

Don’t forget to add a piece of African jewellery to your outfit. You can also get clothes made at very minimal cost from some amazing tailors. African fabrics are well known and so is African jewellery.

7. Dance till you drop

Enjoy the night life in Africa with your dancing shoes. Music and ambience is all that one needs to dance away the night.
Let the motivation phase of your Africa travel planning begin! Get in touch with Being Tourism to turn your dream into reality.

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