Document for Tourist Visa:

  1. 1) Min. 6 months valid passport
    2) Covering letter on company letterhead with company seal & sign with designation of pax, purpose of travelling, travel dates and who will bear all expenses during the trip along with Higher Secondary Signatory Authority name and designation
    3) Leave letter from company if working
    4) Personal Original Bank Statement till date of the pax for last 6 months (min. balance Rs. 100,000/)
    5) Copy of Salary slip for last 03 months of pax with company seal & sign
    6) 02 Colour photo - 2.5 x 2.5 inches, white background, 80% face should be seen
    7) Hotel booking
    8) Return Confirm Air Ticket
  2. Please note if PAX can't provide salary slip they have to provide Original company bank statement for last three months if copy required original bank seal and sign on that.
  3. Note:
    1) Entire visa application form has to be filled-in by the passenger himself/herself and NOT by the Travel Agent
    2) Visa application form has to be signed by the passenger himself/herself and NOT by the Travel Agent
    3) If the applicant’s designation is Proprietor, Director or CEO, then Original proof is needed of the same and if a copy is sent of the proof then it should be attested by Notary
    4) Details of the spouse's/children's travel (whether they are also travelling or not) has to be mentioned in the visa application form
  4. Processing time for Visa will take 05 working days...