Document for Tourist Visa:

1. Minimum 6 month valid passport
2. 1 form back to back
3. Latest 2 photos – 50 x 50mm, white background, matte finish, 80% face must be seen affixed in the visa application form and signed across on front side
4. Covering letter on Indian company letter head with seal and sign
5. If applicant is working then original leave letter from company and covering letter on white sheet
6. Company offer letter copy
7. Foreign exchange us$500 endorsed on the passport or copy of international credit card
8. Sponsorship letter from the Philippines (Acknowledged by Immigration Bureau) along with passport copy of the invitee or hotel confirmation
9. Letter from Inviter’s company (Acknowledged by Immigration Bureau)
10. Copy of last three years IT returns
11. Last 6 months bank statements with original bank seal and signature
12. Ticket itinerary

Time taken: 5 to 7 Working Days