Document for Tourist Visa:

• Min. 1 year validity passport from the date of travel
• 2 DGC – 005 Forms duly filled or typed in Black ink in block letters with index finger impression (Black ink). Please note that the Phone (Mobile) Number of the applicant is mandatory to be mentioned over the form. Also the visa form needs to be filled in with same pen, because any variation in ink may lead to the rejection of the application
• 3 Photos (latest, unused) – 35 x 45mm, white background, matte finish, 80% face
• Covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy of The Republic of Peru, New Delhi from the company in which the person is employed (In case of retired, housewife, student, minors etc covering note is not required)
• Till date 3 months personal bank statement with bank seal and signature with minimum balance 3-5 lakhs depending on case to case basis
• 3 years IT Returns attested by Notary
• Confirm return ticket reservation
• Hotel reservation from Peru
• NOC from the employer (Leave sanction letter)
• Incase of sponsored trip; Sponsor in Peru or India should present a written affidavit in which he/she states that he/she shall be responsible to bear all cost of boarding and lodging of the applicant or repatriation in case of traveller has acquired illegal status or does not have sufficient funds to return
• Identity and financial proof of the sponsor
• Original Yellow Fever Certificate is required at the time of travel

1. The Embassy of Peru has the right to ask for additional documents or call the applicant for an interview and verification
2. Personal Interview and police clearance certificate could be ask for Nationals of SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, and IRAN