Document for Business Visa:

1. Min. 6 months valid passport (with two blank pages)
2. Old passport (if any)
3. 2 photos – 45 x 45mm, white background, matte finish, 80% face
4. Original covering letter on company letter-head
5. Pax Appointment letter (if employee)
6. Original invitation letter from Japan with signature and company seal
7. Guarantee letter from Japan company with signature and company seal (if inviter company bearing all the expenses)
8. A certified copy of the incorporation register or an overview of company/organization
9. Day to day schedule from Japan with signature and seal
10. 3 years personal IT Return of the applicant
11. 6 months personal bank statement with original bank seal and signature (it should show salary transfers) ‘OR’ Original bank passbook and a complete photocopy of the passbook as well
12. Indian company registration certificate copy
13. Air ticket
14. Hotel confirmation

Time taken: 5 Working days