Document for Business Visa:

• Form 1415 to be filled and signed
• Min. 6 months valid passport
• Notarized copies of all pages of the current passport
• Certified copies of birth certificate, showing names of both parents
• 2 photos (latest, unused) – 35 x 45mm, white background, matte finish, 80% face
• Covering letter on company letter-head explaining the purpose and travel dates etc.
• Till date 6 months bank statement with sufficient funds and bank seal and signature
• ITR for last 3 years
• Your educational or professional qualifications
• Your current employment and your role during your visit to Australia
• Details of previous contacts with Australian business people or organizations in Australia
• Documents to show that the company your work for is an actively operating business, such as business registration certificate or annual report
• Evidence of why you need to visit Australia on business, such as:
o Invitation letter from the host organization in Australia o Conference registration details o A letter from your employer stating the reasons for your visit o Your itinerary, with contact details of the business parties involved o Your employment contract

• Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations
• The High Commission may ask for more documents, if required